UNRWA’s Ramadan Ad: Its a Wonderful, Wonderful Life

Brilliant commercial run by Kuwaiti mobile telecommunications giant Zain on behalf of UNRWA and Palestinian refugees. It is poetic, artistic, and moving all at once without being generic and polemical. The message is not “doom and gloom”, it is “resilience and reality”…life despite the hardship.

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  1. lalia…i would like to comment on this post…..you think you could allow thay?

  2. I too loved this ad. Finally a change from always appearing in a fragile, victimized way..

  3. ..thank you…i will try to refrain from polytechnics…i just think it would be nice to hear a word of condemnation for the ambush killings of the 4 israelis and one unborn baby…it was claimed by hammas….i know there have been innocent palestinians killed and babys included….but still it would be nice to see some humanity showen…..

  4. Isn’t it something that the concept of counting your blessings would have no meaning without witnessing the hardship of others? Thank you for reminding us (in this post and the previous one) of the quranic concept of sabr jameel, a beautiful patience. Prophet Jacob is highlighted in the Qur’an as modeling this type of patience when he longs for Joseph.

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