Flipterview with blogger Lina al-Sharif

Last week, I sat down with 21 year old blogger Lina al-Sharif, author of the blog “Live from Gaza: 360 km2 of chaos“, and asked her a few questions for an upcoming article on social media activism in Gaza. When we were done, I thought-why not whip out my Flip and do a quick interview (or as I call it, flipterview) for my blog? So I present to you a blogger on blogger exclusive: Take 5 with Lina al-Sharif (and pardon the thumbnail that has me blinking mid-sentence!).

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  1. Inspiring interview. My favorite lines/themes: sometimes I enjoy looking at the sky/inner happiness/Autobiography of Malcolm X

  2. inspiring!

  3. hey, that is that shirt from istanbul??? 🙂

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