Check out Gaza Kitchens!

After a long absence, Maggie Schmitt and I are back updating our Gaza Kitchens blog, which will serve to both keep our readers up to date on the progress of our book (The Gaza Kitchen) and help us tweak the recipes we’ve collected. So please-check it out, test the recipes, give us your feedback! We’re happy to report we now have a publisher (Just World Books in partnership with OR books) and we hope the book will be out by mid 2012!

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  1. Mary F. Doherty

    Just received my copy of SAUDI ARAMCO WORLD………featuring the Gaza Kitchens article. I cannot believe how much you have already accomplished in your life………though I know firsthand that you can move mountains!!! mfd-Bahrain Sch.

  2. Ms. Doherty: what a pleasure to hear from you and I am truly humbled by your comments! You were my biggest inspiration! I am so grateful to still have you as part of my life!! Where do you live now, in case I am in your area sometime soon?

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