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Gaza’s Food Heritage-in Saudi Aramco World

A bit tardy of me to only post this now-but have been insanely busy putting the finishing touches on the first draft of our book! If you happen to live near Madrid or DC, stop by for some of the fruits of our kitchen-testing! In the meantime, enjoy this article-the product of many months of hard work, published in Saudi Aramco World magazine. Consider it a prelude to our book!

As home to the largest concentration of refugees within historic Palestine, Gaza is an extraordinary place to encounter culinary traditions, not only from hundreds of towns and villages that now exist only in memory—depopulated and destroyed during the Palestinian exodus of 1948—but also from the rest of Gaza’s long history.

Through decades of conflict, families in Gaza have held to recipes and foodways as sources of comfort, pleasure and pride. Unable to control much else in their lives, Gazans are renowned for lavishing care and attention on food and family. Visiting kitchens up and down the Gaza Strip, talking to women about cooking and about life, offers lessons in the vital art of getting by with grace.

More here:

Saudi Aramco World : Gaza's Food Heritage.

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  1. good luck with the book….yum yum

  2. Thank you for sharing this article – it was sent to me by a friend on Facebook and after reading it I felt compelled to come here to learn a little more about you. The words “the vital art of getting by with grace” really got my attention, as it is the way I try to live, and though my situation can’t possibly be as difficult as those of mothers in Gaza, I can still relate. I wish you the best of good fortune with your book, and if I can come up with enough money to cover it, I will get a copy myself. The recipes in the Aramco article were beautiful! Most of all I pray you and all in Gaza find your lives improving steadily soon, and want you to know that though we may be few, there are those in America whose hearts go out to you in your plight. I wish I could do more, but I know prayer is a valuable contribution and will continue with all my heart to plead on your behalf.

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