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Gaza Redux: Parts Unknown

So, its been a while, I confess. Things happened: Both a book (The Gaza Kitchen!), and a child (Malaak, now 10 months!), were born. Between book touring and baby boobing (often at the same time!), my poor blog has been neglected. But no more!

I’ll start with a bit of shameless self-promotion: This past June, I (and a then 8 month old Malaak!) had the true pleasure of meeting Anthony Bourdain, showing him around parts of Gaza, while we filmed a portion of the episode that will air this Sunday (“Jerusalem“).    Tune in this Sunday, September 15, 9pm EST, to watch the season premiere of “Parts Unknown” on CNN. As many of you know, Bourdain was one of the many people who praised our documentary cookbook-The Gaza Kitchen.  I won’t give away all the details, but I will say this:  is-he’s one heck of a baby-sitter!!

With the production crew, and Bourdain (right); Beach Camp, Gaza Strip, June 2013.

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  1. Maria Guglielmo

    I’m looking forward to seeing this episode, how exciting. I love the picture, your baby is so cute!

  2. That was a cool episode. And the funny thing was I turned CNN on mid show and saw you and was trying to figure out where I knew your face from. Then it hit me- and I came onto here to confirm. Yup! The food looked yummy.

  3. Your segment on Gaza was my favorite part of the episode. You did an excellent job of capturing Palestinian food, culture, and even nuisances. I especially enjoyed your explanation to Anthony about how the raised voices of Palestinians don’t signify danger and that this is how we normally speak!

  4. Chuck Scurich

    Suha and I watched the show with great delight. You are great and Anthony is too. Great show. I love that you were able to tell the world about the occupation.

  5. Oscar Shank

    I saw the CNN episode. It was a wonderful episode. The food looked yummie, the situation–well, the wall says it all, and the settler graffiti painting targets and hate on the house wall. “Why don’t you paint over it?” “Maybe we should.” Duh, ya think? The Palestinian hospitality and loving family life with all the lively, smiling children reached my heart. We never see this reality depicted in US mainstream media. CNN deserves credit for bringing more than sheer hasbara to US depiction of the Palestinians as a people. The show is discussed now on

  6. The episode on the palestinian was very sad. I have family members living in gaza. I am so proud to be part of the palestinian people. I wish we can help the children to have more hope.

  7. Laila, thank you so much for all the work you have been doing. I think I remember seeing you years ago thru aljazeera live streaming during the bombing of Gaza. But after watching Parts Unknown I was so intrigued by your knowledge, cookbook, etc. The Gaza portion was filmed in Bani Suhaila I believe and that’s where my family (here in the U.S) originates from :-). Couldn’t help but laugh with joy as I could imagine myself among that family as they reminded me much of my beloved relatives living there. And yes, just because some sound like they are angry, doesn’t mean they are! Haha :-). Looking forward to following the blog of a fellow Gaza foodie and mom that I can learn much from :-).

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