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    Gaza City rocked by massive explosion

    It was getting a little too quiet; true, there has been a “calm” lately and a unilateral ceasefire of sorts but still. Last night just as Noor had nodded off to bed a massive explosion rocked our entire building, shaking our windows nearly off their hinges. Our electricity was out, and we forgot to put batteries in the radio. I logged onto the net with dial-up since the DSL went out with the power but no news had yet appeared. Yousuf slept through the entire thing, while Noor began to scream that she was afraid. Reflexively, I found myself clenching my mother’s arm who was asleep beside me.

    A few hours later we learned Israeli F-16 fighter jets struck a security complex, previously occupied by Fateh and now by Hamas security, near the beach only a couple of kilometers away. The location is directly adjacent to a seaside park we visited two days ago-and where nearly 1000 residents were at last night, enjoying an evening by the sea before fleeing in panic.

    The jets also struck Nuseirat refugee camp and a location in southern Gaza.

    Reports are conflicted regarding fatalities, but it appears at least one man was killed, Issa al-Batran, whose wife and five children were killed in 5 previous attempts on his life by Israeli forces) in the attack on Nuseirat. 17 others were injured as well, including several children.

    The attacks (two others in central and northern Gaza) reportedly came in response to a grad rocket fired at Ashkelon the day before, claimed by the Popular Resistance Committees’ military wing the Salah al-Din Brigades. The rocket itself was a response to an Israeli attack on the southern Gaza town of Rafah, which injured several people last week.

    And so it goes.